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“I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.”

Rocky Balboa, Rocky (1976)

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RE:Framed: The Little Things

I took a field trip yesterday.  “To where?” You may ask.  Well, it was least like any other field trip I have experienced, that’s for sure.  For one, there was no permission slip.  And, it was spontaneous (for our class, not for my English teacher who planned it), and hit closer to heart than I originally thought. Continue reading RE:Framed: The Little Things

RE:Framed: Getting to the end…

“No person is a means to get to the end, every person is the end.” – David Theriault

It’s quite astonishing how one person can have such an effect on a community.  As students, we feel like the only thing we have an effect on is our report card, but in reality, we’re worth much more.  Last Friday, a bike accident took the life of a classmate of mine, Sean Severson.

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RE:Framed: Anger has always been your Greatest Sin

Oh Oedipus, you unforgiving man.  You who were found with your own mother, killed your own father, and are siblings with your sons.  One who could not have accepted his fate, and instead, gouged his own viewpoint of life, plunged from the very broach of his mother.  How would this ever had happened?  Was it fate?  Or anger? Continue reading RE:Framed: Anger has always been your Greatest Sin