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RE:Framed: Uses for Leftover Cake

Some of the best things I’ve made in the kitchen are made of ingredients I already have in my pantry that I just spontaneously throw in to whatever I’m making for a delicious dish or dessert.  Sometimes, I’ll make a yummy trifle with some leftover cake I have lying around the house.  Speaking of leftover cake, cake pops are great made with leftover cake and frosting.  (If you happen to have any)  It’s taking what you already have and making it into something greater.  A lot of times, recipes call for ingredients that I have no idea where to buy or if they even exist where I live.  Thankfully, for Google, there are some substitutions that I think make an even better product. Continue reading RE:Framed: Uses for Leftover Cake


Cake that can be devoured in a Bite

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Cake Pops have taken the dessert industry by storm, popping up in almost all bakers, and even coffee shops such as Starbucks. They have been added to today’s list of hip and trendy desserts, such as macarons and cake pops. Continue reading Cake that can be devoured in a Bite