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Pumpkin Spice Macarons

I never break promises.

Never, ever, ever.

So when I said in my last post that I would post new fall recipes, I didn’t forget! Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Macarons


Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake

Nothing makes me more excited about the Spring than vibrant fresh fruits, like strawberries and mangos.  I was inspired to bake this cake after my friend, Yasir, requested it from my innovation project, Krimi Sweets.  This cake is super easy and fast to assemble.  The cake base isn’t tricky itself, and the frosting isn’t temperamental either.


DSCN3754 1

Continue reading Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake

Double C, Cookie Cake!

This post isn’t really a recipe, but just an idea I wanted to share with you all.

Are you ever in the need of something to bring to a party, or potluck, but you don’t have time?  Does that something need to be quick and delicious, and something everyone will love?

The cookie cake is your answer, my friend.  It’s literally a giant cookie paired with some sweet frosting to satisfy those sugar addicts out there (you know who you are).  And it’s even quicker and more impressive looking than a regular batch of cookies.  All you need is a lined cake pan, some cookie dough, and some frosting and you’re ready to go! Continue reading Double C, Cookie Cake!

Vanilla Buttercream, the Honest-to-Goodness Best Recipe EVER

My favorite frosting on this whole wide world is classic Vanilla Buttercream.  I love how it has a remiscent taste of vanilla ice cream, and its smooth and creamy texture.  But, not all Vanilla Buttercreams are made the same, no no no.  Store bought Vanilla Buttercream?  That “stuff” should be made illegal.  Vanilla Buttercream from a cupcakery?  Too sweet and gritty.  (Ahem Sprinkles Cupcakes)   But homemade Vanilla Buttercream, yes PLEASE.  Free of shortening and overuse of powdered sugar, homemade Vanilla Buttercream is truly the greatest.  It can be paired with any cupcake or cake, and it is versatile enough to pipe on beautiful flowers and designs. Continue reading Vanilla Buttercream, the Honest-to-Goodness Best Recipe EVER

A Potterhead’s Main Source of Sugar: Harry Potter Cupcakes

Photo by Kristie Hoang Leica
Harry Potter adorned Red Velvet Cupcakes

My idea of a perfect date is a Harry Potter marathon with cupcakes as the main snack.  I’m a Potterhead, a muggle born wizard to be exact.  I was introduced into the series about 5 years ago, when I was in the 5th grade. Continue reading A Potterhead’s Main Source of Sugar: Harry Potter Cupcakes

The Unattainable Level of Perfection, Cupcake Style

Photo by Kristie Hoang
Sweet homemade Chocolate Cupcake

What makes a perfect cupcake? Is it all in the taste?  Or maybe it’s all in the texture?  To me, a perfect quality must exhibit 3 of the following criteria: Texture, Consistency, and Taste.   If you can achieve all 3 of those in one cute little cupcake, then you may just consider yourself a cupcake master.   Continue reading The Unattainable Level of Perfection, Cupcake Style