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RE:Framed: The Little Things

I took a field trip yesterday.  “To where?” You may ask.  Well, it was least like any other field trip I have experienced, that’s for sure.  For one, there was no permission slip.  And, it was spontaneous (for our class, not for my English teacher who planned it), and hit closer to heart than I originally thought. Continue reading RE:Framed: The Little Things


Penguin Suit Elegance

A baker bakes their own birthday cake.  End of story.

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday with my cousin and aunt because, well, we’re a tri-birthday sort of family.  I mean, I share the same birthday with my aunt and my cousin’s birthday is only 3 days after ours.

I decided to get a little bit more elegant and mature with my style of cake decorating, instead of the usual pink and speckled cakes I usually do.  So after hours (literally) of searching up designs and ideas on Pintrest and many more, I was inspired to do a ganache dripped cake. Continue reading Penguin Suit Elegance