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RE:Framed: Cupcake Appreciation

When I was a little girl, I hated cupcakes.  I despised them.  The overly-sweet, greasy, frosting…. The cornbread-esque cake….  It tasted like a headache enduring dessert for me.  I had no idea what the world of confectionaries had in store for me.  All I knew of them was a plate of mushed sugar that was doomed to put my stomach in a not-so-good feeling.  I mean, back when I was in elementary school, cupcake boutiques were taking the world by storm yet.  My Mom never bought me cupcakes, and the only chance at the miniature sized cake I got was during class birthday parties.  And in those parties?  Parents usually bought the first dozen they could find at the grocery store, fit with a cute themed ring on top to match the birthday party.  Grocery store cupcakes are the worst of all.  And my first impression of cupcakes was not a very pleasant one.  I didn’t eat any more of them up until middle school.   Continue reading RE:Framed: Cupcake Appreciation