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On Being an Artist, Taking Risks, Making an Impact, and Creating Connections

“We are flying to low. We built this universe, this technology, these connections, this society, and all we can do with it is make junk? Make stupid entertainment?” – Seth Godin

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The Paradox between an Individual and a Community

“In all her intercourse with society, however, there was nothing that made her feel as if she belonged to it. Every gesture, every word, and even the silence of those with whom she came in contact, implied, and often expressed, that she was banished, and as much alone as if she had inhabited another sphere, or communicated with the common nature by other organs than the rest of human kind,” – The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Green Cream Smoothie Bowl

There’s 2 different sides of me.

There’s the healthy, fitness nerd, #EATCLEAN, “cardio + strength every other day,” side of me.

And there’s the: CHIPS? ICE CREAM? “I’m going to eat another slice and you can’t stop me.”

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives me lemons, I make Lemon-Blueberry Chiffon Cake.

It’s the summer now.  The weather’s getting warmer, the clothes are getting shorter, and the fruits are getting sweeter.  One of my favorite things to eat, in the world, are summer fruits.  Mangoes, lemons, pineapples, the list is endless.  The best thing is coming from a hot day, and engulfing a large bowl of fresh, cold fruit.

Lemons and blueberries are one of my favorite combinations on the entire planet.  The tart, sour taste of the lemon is brightened and complimented with the sweetness of the blueberry.  And, the yellow and blue color of both fruits is such a cheerful and happy combination.  I mean, how can you not be in a lively mood with blue and yellow?

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RE:Framed: Let It Go!

It’s that time of the school year again…

In case if you don’t know where this fabulous image is from, it’s taken from the cinematic creation called Frozen, the latest hit from Disney Animation Studios.  Now, it’s been awhile since Disney made a truly good musical; you know, the one that wrenches your heart and questions your thoughts about humanity.

I’m not going to give any spoilers, but Frozen is so wonderful that I’ve watched it 3 times, and I’ve cried each time.  It’s an amazing story about sisterly love, subjecting yourself to true love, which is putting someone else’s needs in front of yours, and of course, Princesses and Princes, like any classic Disney film. Continue reading RE:Framed: Let It Go!

RE:Framed: Photography and the power of the Rule of Thirds

The Power of Three.  Not one, but Three.  I’ve been obsessing over this concept recently ever since I came across it in The Count of Monte Cristo.  This book, which essentially is Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge meets Gossip Girl is, although long, full of twists and turns and metaphors, and in short, it’s just great.  Now, not to give away any spoilers, the main character of The Count of Monte Cristo  splits himself into 3 main characters in which he uses to enact his revenge on his enemies.  Other instances in the novel occur in threes as well – which led me to question the significance of this crazy number. Continue reading RE:Framed: Photography and the power of the Rule of Thirds

RE:Framed: The Krimi Sweetastic Update (I tried to be punny with the title)

As many of you hopefully know, I’m currently running my own small baking business, Krimi Sweets, for an Innovation Project for my English class.  In short, this is a very small baking business that’s feeding the needs of sweets tooths all over my high school campus.  I’ve always had a dream of running my own cute cupcakery when I was older, and this project was the perfect opportunity to make my dream come alive. Continue reading RE:Framed: The Krimi Sweetastic Update (I tried to be punny with the title)

RE:Framed: The Angry Baker

I came into English class on Monday slightly nervous, because my teacher mentioned a reading check quiz, and like all high schoolers at times, I forgot to finish the section.  But like I said before, my English teacher is not the conventional, stereotypical, super old and boring teacher.  I mean, if he was, then why would I be running this blog? Well, besides the fact that I love baking… Continue reading RE:Framed: The Angry Baker

RE:Framed: Countless Baking Fails

For the first time this school year, I’m genuinely enjoying the book I’m reading in my English class:  The Count of Monte Cristo.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alexander Dumas’ genius, it’s a book about pure revenge.  The count, or Dantes, as he is referred to, has been betrayed by his enemies and is throne into the horrible prison of Chateau d’lf for life.  Basically, that’s the gist of where I am in the novel right now, I don’t want to give away too much.  The book right now is full of exciting twists and turns and new characters.  It’s like Pretty Little Liars, except… in English form?

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