“I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.”

Rocky Balboa, Rocky (1976)

My first impression of the film, “Rocky,” was a random one.  Immediately, the name Rocky led to an embarrassing incident when I accidentally called Tom Felton’s dog, Timber, Rocky during a meet and greet 2 years ago.  (Apologies Tom)


I also thought of Rocky Road Ice Cream.


But in those trails of thought, I didn’t anticipate the actual potential of this film to be one of the most memorable ones I’ve ever watched in English class.  This year, my teacher showed a number of films.  But, as time passed, those movies slipped out of my head as I went to devour and think about other things, like school, homework, what kinds of cupcakes I were to bake that weekend.  But, the film, Rocky stuck in my mind for a while.

There’s many themes in Rocky, like perseverance, hard work, staying true to yourself.  But me, being the girly-girl I am, the notion of true love stuck with me for awhile as I thought about what I was to write about in this blog post.

What is true love?  What is the point when you really fall in love with someone?

I think that when 2 people are in that point in a relationship, when they act as one person, is the point where they are in love.  Love, it drives people to do crazy things.  But the most important thing about love is that it binds people.  The origins of great relationships with people begin with love, attraction, a connection.  People balance each other out in a relationship, whether it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, family.  With love, people become one and they begin to act as one.

People have imperfections, no body is perfect.  But with love, people look past the imperfections.  Maybe to one person, their dimple, which they find hideous, is the cutest thing ever to their significant other.  Maybe the way they seem to leave a trail of crumbs where they go, allows their other half to be able to demonstrate their fine ability to clean.

The little cracks in a person’s surface that lets them be who they truly are.  I imagine people to be as delicate as an egg.



The egg is the most important ingredient in baking.  The whites, the protein in them, the fat inside the yolk, a mixture of the 2 yields incredible results in cake, brownies, pies.  But, one crack in a surface of an egg can set upon a running instability.  However, when the opened up by the right people, a person is as useful and as versatile and as chemically complex, like an egg.  I know it’s a crazy metaphor, but it’s what I use to relate to people.  We’re all the same, we have cracks and imperfections.  It’s those gaps that make us unique, individual.

My friends fill my gaps, my family fills my gaps.  Whenever I’m down, they seem to know how to pick me right up and put a smile on my face.  My crazy addiction to sweets and baking is embraced by them.  My tendency to talk too much, or too loud sometimes is accepted by them.

There are some people in the world who fill your gaps.  The one  in a person’s life, should fill each other’s gaps and exist as one person, instead of two.

Here’s a clip of my favorite scene from Rocky:

-Kristie xx


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