RE:Framed: The Little Things

I took a field trip yesterday.  “To where?” You may ask.  Well, it was least like any other field trip I have experienced, that’s for sure.  For one, there was no permission slip.  And, it was spontaneous (for our class, not for my English teacher who planned it), and hit closer to heart than I originally thought.

My English class and I took a field trip around campus to get a little in touch with nature this Earth Day.  We weren’t permitted to speak to any of our classmates, and we were able to carry a phone to take pictures, if we’d like.

You see, my campus isn’t like a stuffy, boring, high school campus.  I find my campus, quite beautiful actually with rose bushes, and sycamore trees, and secret doorways that we found during the field trips.  Kind of like The Secret Garden.

On this field trip, through the silence and the little fun facts around school, I realized the importance of the little things. You see, in silence, there’s an opportunity to connect with the brain, to emit thoughts and trailing thoughts and big ideas.  I had that opportunity yesterday.  During the field trip, my class sat in a large circle, away from each other by a measurable amount, but alone with nature.  It was in that moment that I appreciated the rustle of the grass as the slight breeze flies by.  The little bugs, that might make my skin crawl, but are enjoying their own bug’s life in the dirt.  The sunshine on my face, even the background noise of the cars in a suburban area.  I realized, that these are the little things that make up my home, my community.In Montreal, the weather, is not so great in my opinion.  Though there is much sunshine, it’s hot and very humid in the summer.  The type of humid that sticks to your skin and makes your curly hair expand to the size of a large cotton candy cone.  Here, in my community, it’s beautiful in the summer and spring.  We have the little things:  The breeze, the sunshine, the cars.  And without those, I can’t call it home.

My teacher’s favorite Sycamore tree sits just outside campus.  It’s been there longer than he has, and for the first time, I actually noticed the tree.  It’s beautiful, actually.  With green, fuzzy leaves that float in the thin tangle of branches, and light and dark shades of chocolate-y brown adorn the bark.  Actually, a Sycamore tree resembles a maple tree.  But, it doesn’t have sap, and the leaves are a bit smaller.  It’s the little things that make the tree different and unique to its own species.The little things are so important, they define what things are.  I wouldn’t call my campus my campus if it weren’t for the school spirit, the sense of belonging, the flora and fauna that decorate the campus, the weather.  In other campuses, it’s dirty, and somehow, not as happy as my school campus.

Don’t we all fall in love with the little quirks a person has?  Like, the freckles that only show up when a person smiles, or the twinkle in their eye as they talk about something they enjoy, or the high pitched, or booming laugh that sings out of their mouth?  Without our little things, we would all be the same.  There’s no individuality, just one thing.

blog-006Because this is a baking blog, I’ll mention one little thing about baking:  Maybe it’s the touch of cinnamon, or the sweetness of the frosting, but whatever it is, it’s what makes your recipe unique.  Your mom’s recipe unique, or your grandma’s recipe unique.  All cake recipes are the same, its just maybe omitting a cup of flour or 2, or the addition of some anise extract that makes one recipe different.

The little things, the fine details mean so much.

“Sometimes,” said Pooh, “The smallest things take up the most space in your heart.”

And because, although I’m a Swiftie this One Direction song, “Little Things,” isn’t all that bad.  And it relates to this post too.  So to my fellow blogger Katrya, I guess this One Direction mention is for you.

I hope you all have a wonderful day,

-Kristie xx



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