RE:Framed: The Krimi Sweetastic Update (I tried to be punny with the title)

As many of you hopefully know, I’m currently running my own small baking business, Krimi Sweets, for an Innovation Project for my English class.  In short, this is a very small baking business that’s feeding the needs of sweets tooths all over my high school campus.  I’ve always had a dream of running my own cute cupcakery when I was older, and this project was the perfect opportunity to make my dream come alive.

Essentially, I planted the seed of my bakery, and I’ve been watching it grow since.  From the last post, Mimi and I have worked from our initial growing pains of the business, and I’m happy to say it is quite successful at the moment.  As of right now, we’re looking to make approximately $415.90!  We’re aiming to bake 10 orders, which is becoming increasingly attainable every day that we move forth with our project.

The last thing we sold were our Girl Scout Cupcakes.  These cupcakes were by far, the most popular.  The least amount of advertising time was spent.  This time, people came to us, instead of Mimi having personally ask and spread the word of orders.  Many were disappointed as we sold out in one night!DSCN7624 1 DSCN7632 1

Before the Girl Scout Cupcakes, I sold a very familiar Strawberry Cake to my friend Yasir.  This was a last minute order, and I did not expect it to turn out well.  However, Yasir and his whole class fell in love with the cake.  From that cake, I feel as though people trusted our business to deliver top-notch quality, despite our previous fails.  Yasir and his friends were definitely satisfied with that cake.DSCN3751

Another last minute batch of baked goods were my Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies and Brownies.   DSCN9534DSCN3541 1I spontaneously decided to bake something on a rainy day, where I had the idea to bake for Krimi.  I thought, “We haven’t baked in 2 weeks, so why not?”  And like the Strawberry Cake, people were very pleased with our brownies and cookies.  I even remember some friends eating the crumbs off the bottom of the cookie and brownie box.

But, like any other project, we did have another roadblock:  The Red Velvet Cupcakes.  I don’t really bake on weekdays.  As an honors and AP student, I have hours of homework and studying to cram in every night, on top of my extracurricular activities.  I extensively planned for these cupcakes to work out, with fondant roses and leaves and chocolate customization, but everything fell apart at the last minute.  Some cupcakes ended up burning, my cream cheese frosting was not coming to a pipeable consistency.  In stress, my hands began to sweat and I broke the tedious chocolate writing that I spent making.  People were not as pleased with the quality of the cupcakes because they did not match the stock image we had previously advertised with.  From there, I privately swore to use my own pictures from then on.


Another obstacle was time.  Baking takes many enjoyable hours.  But, life gets in the way, and sometimes a lot of the baking schedule that Mimi and I originally planned had to be modified to my schedule.  Krimi customers were anxiously waiting for the next order, and I tried to fill in with mini batches of goods, such as the brownies and cookies, from time to time.  I’m hoping that now, we can get back on track, and continue pushing out baked goods every 2 weeks.

Mimi and I have definitely learned an extensive amount from the last time we posted.  I think that customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we’ve raised the bar higher and higher with every order we put out.  We’ve collaborated with other innovation projects as well to increase advertising.  Unfortunately, as those other projects decided not to feature Krimi Sweets in their fundraisers, we still learned to cooperate, and form networks to help other’s peoples needs, as well as provide for our own.  Our business is definitely in an exponential growth, as seen with the last batch of cupcakes which sold out overnight!

I hope that by the end of the year, Krimi Sweets would have made a sweet impact on students and teachers at our high school.  We live to feed the needs of sweet tooths, and so far, I think we’re on the right track.


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