RE:Framed: Uses for Leftover Cake

Some of the best things I’ve made in the kitchen are made of ingredients I already have in my pantry that I just spontaneously throw in to whatever I’m making for a delicious dish or dessert.  Sometimes, I’ll make a yummy trifle with some leftover cake I have lying around the house.  Speaking of leftover cake, cake pops are great made with leftover cake and frosting.  (If you happen to have any)  It’s taking what you already have and making it into something greater.  A lot of times, recipes call for ingredients that I have no idea where to buy or if they even exist where I live.  Thankfully, for Google, there are some substitutions that I think make an even better product.

But going back on topic with uses for leftover cake, the possibilities are endless.  Cake has everything I love in it already, a yummy cake base and frosting!  With some creativity, there are great recipes out there that transform leftover cake into something greater.

1.  Cake Popsl1140452

Cake pops are the ultimate saver for leftover cake.  Frosted cake has the perfect ratio of cake to frosting needed for cake pops.  All you need are some candy sticks and melting chocolate and you’re good to go!

2.  Grilled Cheesecake


I almost cried when I saw this recipe.  If you happen to have both cheesecake and pound cake, you can make a sweet and savoury dish that although is heavy on the fat and calories, but wait, what isn’t good that’s heavy in fat and calories??

3.  Trifles

Trifles are classic British desserts, not to mention Gordon Ramsay’s favorite childhood dish.  Simply put, a trifle is a rich parfait, layered with cake, whipped cream, chocolate putting, whatever you’d like!


4.  Crumb Cookies


If you want to share the love with your extra cake, this cookie recipe is perfect for you.  The cake crumbs make a wonderful, moist cookie.  The texture is great and falls right in the middle of chewy cookie and a cake-y cookie.

5.  Birthday Cake Shake


All you need is a huge slice of red velvet cake for this amazing shake.  It’s 10 times better than adding raw cake mix into traditional cake shakes (ew) and it has the most amazing, thick texture!

In my English class, my friends and I created a “Found Poem” last Friday.  What’s a Found Poem?  Well, initially, we were told to dissect 4 different poems all with tragic themes of war.  We had to underline or circle any phrases or words that stood out, or that we personally liked.  After, using the parts of the poems that we highlighted and circled, we created a poem.  At first, the task seemed really daunting and almost impossible.  However, we created a poem that was bone chilling and eerie covered with tons and tons of imagery and metaphors.  It was fantastic; I was genuinely surprised that we created such a beautiful poem.  unnamed

My teacher related our favorite phrases from the first 4 poems as the ingredients, and our new poem was a recipe.  As a baker and a novice-chef, I do this a lot in my kitchen with ingredients I already have.  I always have leftover cake and cupcakes that I’ve never given away or had the chance to actually eat.  It gives me an opportunity to create something totally awesome and brand new. The activity done in English shows that the best things are made spontaneously with ingredients that you already have.  And in life, aren’t the most exciting adventures the ones created on the spot?

I hope you guys get a chance to try some of the recipes above!  That is, if you ever have any extra cake lying around 😉

-Kristie xx


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