Flat Top Cupcakes Rant

In defense of many bakers out there who think that they have to make over the top designs for their cupcakes, they kind of have to.  Because people don’t like simple.  People like complicated, people like crazy.  For some reason, people just don’t seem to like flat frosted cupcakes, despite their rising popularity across many gourmet bakeries.  

Flat top cupcakes are great.  They’re quick and easy to frost, simple, and it equally divides the frosting for the perfect amount in each bite.

sprinkles_cupcakes_cropped1-1024x365Swirl cupcakes are great, too.  They’re lovely, and they really represent the classic image of a bite sized cake the world has been enjoying for many years. cupcake 2But sadly, people don’t seem to appreciate flat top cupcakes as much, unless you’re either: Sprinkle’s Cupcakes, Susie Cakes, Casey’s Cupcakes, or Magnolia Bakery.  Therefore, in order to be able to pull off the flat top cupcake look and sell it to people, you have to be a world renowned cupcake chef.

I’m not a cupcake chef.  Therefore, I have to swirl my cupcakes AND spend loads of time making extravagant designs for my cupcakes in order for people to buy them.   For my innovation project, Krimi Sweets, I sell cupcakes, cookies, etc. etc. for people to buy.  However, people seem to be especially unhappy and disappointed whenever my cupcake doesn’t meet the beautiful swirls and curls that people expect.  I got backlash, for not putting INEDIBLE caramel crystals on top of my cupcake.  THEY.  ARE.  INEDIBLE.  So why does it matter so much?  Why is a decoration so important?  It’s about taste that’s what’s important.  People seem to overlook the fact that for my baking business, I make sure to buy expensive, high quality ingredients to ensure the best cupcake possible.  My frosting is not gritty, nor does it have a lick of shortening in it, unlike many famous bakeries that I mentioned above.

“I didn’t pay 1.75 for this cupcake”  – Some anonymous person that’s unhappy about their delicious cupcake

Sure a beautiful cupcake looks great, but it’s such a hassle for the baker.  Why can’t non-professional bakers sell simple cupcakes?  Flat topping a cupcake is so simple and fast and the frosting is spread the best amount all over the cupcake.  Sprinkle’s Cupcakes don’t even have chocolate swirls or roses over their cupcakes, so why should I? And it’s so much easier to eat a flat frosted cupcake, considering people don’t eat their cupcakes with a fork.  I can’t even sell a flat frosted cupcake.

“Don’t judge a cupcake by it’s frosting”  –Zainab Khan

However,  I would give anything to sell a flat frosted, simple cupcake, without people yelling at me for it.


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