RE:Framed: Oh so sweet Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, or as known to (some) girls as Single Awareness Day, is this upcoming Friday.  I love Valentine’s Day as much as the next person.  Everyone seems to be a bit more kind, and caring, and not to mention, pretty much everywhere as got a little spot of pink or red.  Many seem to fear Valentine’s Day.  Why?  Maybe they’re jealous of the couple 2 steps away, or maybe they’re anxious about what to get for their significant other.

There’s no reason to be afraid of, or hate Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day about love for crying out loud!  Forget the fancy chocolates, the roses, the kisses.  Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love and bond that you and your loved ones share for each other.  Now this can range from your parents, to your friends, to even your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Valentine’s Day should be anticipated like Christmas.  Why?  Because a) Chocolate, tons of it.  And b) It gives a reason to show a little extra love to your friends and family.  And there are so many baking options to choose from for Valentine’s Day.  So many.


Nanamino Bars from My Baking Addiction


Valentine’s Pettie Fours from I am baker


Cupid’s Arrow Cupcakes from Bakerella


Red Velvet Heart Crinkle Cookies from Two Peas and their Pod

how to make heart envelope love note lovenote sugar cookie decorated royal icing tutorial

Love Note Sugar Cookies from Sugar Dot Cookies

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies or cupcakes on Valentine’s Day?

A cute, homemade gift is perfect because it shows your special someone that you really cared about them.  And it’s also homemade, which takes a lot more time then picking up the last box of cupcakes at your local supermarket.  Girls love it when guys bake for them.  And guys just love food, period.

My English teacher is certainly not your usual stereotypical, chubby, old, glasses, book-nerd kind of teacher.  (Maybe he is) But he’s definitely not predictable, that’s for sure.  Picture this:  Students anxiously writing their hearts away about Valentine’s Day and Gift Giving for 10 minutes while their teacher sits in a corner and laughs at what’s to come.  Little did the students know that their writing activity was an intro to a presentation.

Well, my English teacher has a tradition of giving “Theriault Life Lessons.”  Basically, they’re dating lessons designed to introduce a hormone-surged teenager into the rollercoaster of a love life.  This time, our “Theriault Life Lesson” was about Valentine’s Day and what types of gifts and why people should give gifts on Valentine’s Day.  So Mr. Theriault, I dedicate this post to you because people really overlook the fact that Valentine’s Day is not all about gift giving.  (Christmas too)

So no stressing on Valentine’s Day please!  Remember that it’s a day of love, a celebration of that love.  Gifts are optional, not obligatory, but mean a lot to whoever you’re giving it to.

Hopefully you guys check out the recipes I linked to above, they’re from my favorite blogs! Good luck this Friday!

-Kristie xx


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