RE:Framed: A (Krimi) Sweet Creation…..

I’ve always had a dream that one day, I’d open a world class bakery/cupcakery catering to sweet tooths all over.

But, honestly, I don’t know if I’d actually have the patience (or the fiance) to sprout a bakery form scratch.  I mean, I’d have to pay rent, figure out all the business junk, and all that craziness.  

I actually want to help people when I grow up.  Children, in paticular. However, to say that I want to become a pastry chef and become a pediatrician is very accurate.  But how?  How can I possibly divide my time?

However, my English class’s project was my Godsend.  With this project, I had the oppurtunity to make my own businesss, and live part of the very big dream I have.

The project is loosly named “Idea Farming, Innovation.”  The goal of this project is to create innovation in youth so we can continue to create and inspire, rather than just think that the real world is full of worksheets with math problems on them. The real world isn’t like school, you have to be innovative, you have to create.

So my friend Mimi Giang and I, started Krimi Sweets.  It’s an online baking business catering specifically to the sweetaholics of our high school.

cupcake 9
Our facebook page,
cupcake 10
Follow us on Twitter, @krimisweets!

I realized that in my area, there are no inepensive bakeries that sell high quality baked goods.  Almost every cupcake bakery I’ve been to has had problems with their cupcakes, whether it’s too sweet, or too dry.  We wanted to create insane-ly delicious goodies that are quite affordable, and made from scratch.  (Unlike some bakeries who bake from a box mix)

We promote our project primarily through Facebook, as it is our main platform for our business.  Kind of like our storefront, but on the web.  Here, we post links so people can pre-order goods, as well as advertise anything we’re baking.  Also, we’re trying to get more engagement by posting fun questions and spurring anticipation with pictures and hints at what’s being baked next.

With this project, we had no experience in the world of business.  We ran into some problems, realized that materials cost A LOT of money, and other difficulties.

Our first inital material cost was about $38 dollars….

I accidentally dropped 4 dozen salted caramel cupcakes on the way to class…

cupcake 6

But it’s a learning experience.  I learned that especially you can’t please everyone with what you make.  Some people are always going to be complaining about something that you put so much time and effort into.  And sometime I’m trying to get across is that baking costs a lot of labor and money, so if our goods are slightly pricey, it’s because we need to cover material cost AND make a profit.

“They were really yummy, but they weren’t quite worth a dollar :/ Keep up the great work though!” via @Katrya Ly on Twiter

Mimi is my fabulous business manager.  I don’t know how I can possibly run this whole thing by myself.  She runs advertising, the Facebook page, orders, manages money. And me?  I’m the baker.

So far, we sucessfully sold and delivered only 4 dozen chocolate salted caramel cupcakes and Twix and Milky Way Bar and caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies withing a time span of about a month and a half.  We want start baking & delivery every 2 weeks and and we want to grow in the next level of business popularity and size.  We’re hoping to start catering to people’s parties and birthdays during school and such.

cupcake 3
Our Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes
cupcake 5
Mimi delivering some cupcakes during lunch
Twix and Milky Way Bar and caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies

We’ll be baking every 2 weeks and hopefully, we’ll make a decent profit and learn how to run a great business.  Next, for Valentine’s Day, we’ll be making red velvet cupcakes with roses and and later, Girl Scout inspired cupcakes.


In March, we’re going to sell macarons.


The schedule for what’s being baked is very tentative right now, with the exception of February as offical.  I’m working out trying to set a definite periodic baking schedule bimonthly.

I’ll be updating about this project every month or so.  What we’ve offically done so far is:

1.Got approval from school to sell goods on campus. 
This was equivalent to us getting our credentials (Food license) and signing our business lease in the real world.
2.Created a Facebook page & began advertising
Our Facebook page was crucial to us because since we’re online, it’s our store.  Everything runs through the Facebook page, from customer communication to us posting order forms.
3.Posted an online cupcake order form
The first cupcake order form was key in our project because if we didn’t get enough orders, we couldn’t purchase the supplies needed to jumpstart the business.
4.Earned enough funds to purchase supplies
5.Baked the first orders
The first orders we delivered failed because I dropped them.  But, the second time around, we got around to delivering them with great success.  People were really pleased with our product and that just meant the world to us.  Our first orders established us as a business because it’s like a first impression.  If we mess these up, people won’t come back to buy goods.
6.Received feedback and suggestions from customers (and found returning customers!!)
7.  Baked our second batch of orders.
These had some problems with the pricing and the size of the cookies. Even though I tried really hard to make them larger, my cookie dough rises up rather than out.  So, people got the impression that the cookies were small and they were reluctant to pay the price for them.
Right now, we’re on the right track, but still figuring things out.  We want to figure out how to maximize profits, ensure customer satisfaction, increase advertising , have a proper management of funds, time, and materials.  By June, the end of this project, we hope to have stabilized our business into a continuous growth, made a good profit, gained experience in running a business.  We want to create a lasting impact as a business in feeding  (literally) the needs of the sweet tooths of FVHS.
Please visit our Facebook page: and like us, as well as follow us on Twitter, @krimisweets to see how we’re doing aside from these update blog posts!

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