RE:Framed: Cake Decorating is Art

My piping bag is like an artist’s paint brush.  I can create beautiful swirls and roses and flowers and just anything that comes to mind.  With varying pressuring and degrees of hand strokes, I can make anything.

cupcake1cupcake 2

I mean, look a these wonderful beauties.  I think cake decorators don’t get enough credit for the work they put out  And I think that cake art is the BEST kind of art because it’s edible.

cupcake 3

But speaking of cake decorating and art, a beautiful cupcake doesn’t have to be doused in frills and excessive amounts of glitter.  Remember, it’s the taste that matters, not the look.  And besides, who really likes eating fondant anyway?  (For those of you who don’t know, fondant typically has the consistency and the and the taste of melted gummy bears.)  The simplest cupcakes taste the best.  All you need is some simple swirls or even a butter knife to frost your cupcakes.  Heck, Sprinkles frosts their cupcakes with a knife (a offset spatula to be exact) and they’re world famous for 3.50 a cupcake.

cupcake 6

And their cupcakes are just gorgeous.  It’s so simple, and the homespun ridges on the cupcakes give just the depth and shape of a delightful dome.  SusieCakes, in Southern California, just frosts using a knife as well, and they create a dip in the middle of their cupcakes.

cupcake 7

One of my favorite types of cupcake swirls are rose swirls on a cupcake.  They don’t take much frosting, and they’re so simple to create with a 2D tip from Wilton.

cupcake 5

The classic round tip swirl is also near and dear to my heart.  You just can’t get any more traditional and homemade than this.

cupcake 4I think people just overthink what they’re baking and they try to pile on so much onto just 1 cupcake.  Which is great, I mean the effort is tremendous.  However, it’s the cake, the moistness of it, and the fluffiness of the frosting that matters. Not the sugary sprinkles that just adorn the top.  I still appreciate an extravagant cupcake or just a whimsical wedding cake.  It’s art, cake decorating is art.  But, simple art, is the best art.

Speaking of art, in my English class, we had a “Mishmash” activity involving simple art.  With inspiration from @cintascotch on Instagram, we used every day objects to create doodles and and perceiving drawing.


cinta2I love these pictures because they are just so simple.  They’re simple like the way I like my cupcakes.  Yet, they’re interesting.  They have their own unique feel to it, with the use of oranges and a notebook in this example.  So yet, the best cupcakes are simple, they should have their own simple touches. Like Sprinkle’s candy button in the middle, or Susie Cake’s dramatic dip.

There’s nothing more I like than eating a cupcake.  A simple cupcake, nonetheless, but a beautiful cupcake captures my eyes as well.


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