RE:Framed: Baking Humor

One of the many joys of life and happiness is laughter.  What makes us laugh?  The things that make us laugh are things that we find funny.  Therefore, humor is subjective.  Humor is something that we think about that makes us laugh. Things are not funny just because they’re there.  They are funny because we make them funny.

For example, when a cat accidentally falls into a pool and jumps out maniacally it may be funny for us.  (It was really funny for me)  But it sure isn’t funny for the cat.

In literature, authors use devices to create humor in words.  Humor enhances writing, it provides a relief from something tragic that might’ve happened before.

Us bakers have our own form of humor. Sure, some dropped cupcakes may be funny to some people.  Image

(It wasn’t funny for me)

But the real “humor” lies in the recipes and the ingredients.  We have our own special ways of making things taste good, kind of like a writer’s “literary devices.”  Of course, taste is subjective, however, I think that no matter what, if something is truly delicious, most people will like it.

You might say to yourself, “Gosh that cupcake was so delicious.”  Why was it delicious?  Was it the high quality ingredients that he used?  Or maybe it was the use of coffee to bring out a dark chocolate flavor.  Maybe he used salted butter in the frosting to cut the sweetness but still keep the consistency.

Here are is some baking humor, however, that I think is the perfect ingredient to end this post:


And for your baker guys:


Women like funny guys because they are intelligent.  In order to find something funny, you have to think about it and figure out why exactly is it so humorous!  That’s why sometimes, authors will use wit inside a novel that some will find truly brain-deadening and that some will find marvelous.  And also, when you’re funny, you’re kind.  As a quote from my English teacher:

“You can’t be mean and funny at the same time.”

If someone can’t cook or bake just yet, you don’t joke that they’re probably not going to be invited to that potluck feast.  Instead, you insult them lightly in a way that doesn’t hurt their feelings at all.  Thus, a funny person is not only smart, but also considerate of a person’s feelings.

Also, I won’t be as active these next 2 weeks because of finals!  That means no baking for me 😦  I will be posting re:Framed as well as some recipes I have made over the last couple of weeks.

Until next time!

-Kristie xx


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