RE:Framed: A Passion for Pastries

People might say that I like baking a little bit, just a little bit.  But, judging from the fact that I run a baking-related blog, I like baking, a lot. I. Love. It. I would say I have a passion for pastries. But what is the exact definition of passion?  Well, in a class discussion about “A Tale of Two Cities,” I learned that the word passion, means suffering. How odd, indeed. One would think that “suffering” means to have a strong desire for, or love. To be fair, I think that in my position, the definition of suffering applies much more. You see, I suffer as a baker. I suffer with harsh reviews, electricity bill, the cost of high quality ingredients.  I suffer because I love baking.  I suffer from long nights of baking for a big event the next day, suffering from anxiety because sometimes I feel as though I cannot fit baking into my busy schedule.

Rose Cupcakes that I sold over the summer
Black Velvet Rose Cupcakes that I sold over the summer

Passion is suffering. Love can be thought as positive passion, and hate can be thought of as negative passion. In “A Tale of Two Cities,” by Charles Dickens, Mr. Sidney Carton remarks that Lucie Manette is compassionate. Now com-passion… with suffering. Lucie Manette is suffering with Sidney Carton.  She understands his pain that he has to go through to love her, while keeping up his reputation.

Sidney Carton as he proclaims his love to Lucie Manette
Sidney Carton as he proclaims his love to Lucie Manette

“Miss Manette, when the little picture of a happy father’s face looks up in yours, when you see your own bright beauty springing up anew at your feet, think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you!” (Dickens, Book 2, A Man of No Delicacy)

Sometimes, I wonder if people are compassionate about my passion for baking. I don’t think they realize how much care goes into a single cupcake.  And if they are compassionate, then I applaud them, for someone finally realizes the labor and the happiness that comes along with baking.



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