RE:Framed: Pride and Love and Baking

How do these 3 things relate you may ask?

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to finish all 3 of Sophocles’s plays about Oedipus roller coaster journey.  Much to my dismay, it was surprisingly an interesting play with messages that I think should be portrayed in more of today’s young-adult fiction.  One of the major themes in the book is pride, and hubris.

Oedipus and his mortal enemy, Creon have the sad and destructing trait of excessive Pride.  Now, in my opinion, Pride has a very thin and fine line that shall not be crossed.  It’s good to have confidence and feel good about yourself.  However, too much pride will make you looking like an egotistic bighead who needs to get a grip of himself.  Oedipus and Creon both ignored Teresias’s comments initially because of their pride.  Oedipus thought that Teresias was lying, and Creon believed that Teresias was selling his prophecies.  They were too blind to see the actual fact that Teresias is right.

L1080382 1
The validity of this statement is so true!
Photo by Kristie Hoang

Now, in baking, too much pride gets you no where. Just like any other art, you need criticism.  And criticism is always, always, always better than praise.  A perfect version of a cookie ranges from person to person.  I’m more of a chewy on the corners with a fluffy middle type, but other people might prefer all chewy!  It’s better to strive to always to improve rather than be ignorant and believe you’ve made the best.  Now, it’s OK to brag a little about your achievements.  I mean, cupcake bakeries always list their ratings on cute frames on their walls.  Pride gives you poise, but also makes you oblivious to all other opinions.

Here is a little quote from Antigone: “No happiness where there is no wisdom, no wisdom but in submission to gods.  Big words are always punished and proud men in old age learn to be wise.”  -Charagos, (Sophocles, 245)  How can you live happily while being ignorant?  Yes, ignorance is bliss, but a true life is always the best one.  We learn day by day new lessons, and letting our pride  and dignity get in the way of those valuable lessons will inhibit proper human growth.

Oedipus has a unique and special bond with his children.  His children are his eyes, literally.  The world in their perspective is how he sees it as well.  Before Oedipus dies, he tells Antigone and Ismene one of the best quotes I’ve ever read in my entire life:  “One word, Frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

Love is the most powerful kind of magic, according to JK Rowling.  And JK Rowling is right.  Love ties us all together, whether we like it or not. Love is the driving force in all of our actions.  By doing things we love, we sort of block off that negativity and that pain that’s so terrible but needed in life.  When I bake, I do it as a stress reliever.  To me, baking is the only thing I have a 100 percent control over.  I don’t have 100 percent control over my grade, my school day, what people think of me, or anything really.  I may account for a small part, but not 100 percent.  With baking, you’re the king.  You’re the solemn ruler of your mixing bowl.  Whatever you do, all the mistakes and perfect techniques you do, are the cause for your amazing, and not-so-amazing cookie, or brownie.  And I believe that when you bake something, or cook something, you’re putting love into it.  It’s like a baby of yours.  You’ve created it into something wonderful.  One wouldn’t bake if they didn’t like to, correct?

This has been an exhausting week, but I’m so excited for Halloween.  I’m dressing up as Hermione Granger.  You’re never too old for some dress up and candy!

Happy Baking! -Kristie

I would like to also say that my English teacher has a great love for his teaching and his students.  I wasn’t having the best of days last Wednesday.  During lunch, some complications occurred and it made me feel so terrible about myself that I just wanted to give up and go home.  Now, I’ll mention this in another post, but the thing that hurts people the most is being forgotten.  I was forgotten during lunch, well, on second thought, I was forgotten for the past month and just then, after I got over it, the cruel forgotten devil came and slapped me in the face with loneliness again.  I’m assuming I had the darkest face on during English.  So dark, that my English teacher took notice.  And just 3 words seemed to make me feel better:  Hey, what’s wrong?  (I replied nothing, as I didn’t want to make a scene)  “Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked.  Sometimes, just 3 words, like “How are you doing?” can really make someone’s day.  it shows that you care.  Caring for someone is associated with love.  We love all of our friends, maybe not at the same intensity, but we do love them.  And, after hearing someone ask me if I was ok, it just made me feel better.  Because I realized that I’m not forgotten, and that some people actually care.

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