RE:Framed: The More the Merrier!

I’m going to be honest, I accidentally skipped doing a re:framed post on the week of October 7th.  However, I’m sure that this blog post will make up for it!

I think it can apply to all of us that we’ve all been through that one period where we’ve felt sort of lost, and alone.  Recently, I was going through some friend struggles and it made me feel really self conscious, uncomfortable, and definitely sad.  In my English class, my wonderful teacher made a blog post about how importance of the friends you have and how they can make you shine!

For me, I’ve always been one to surround myself with people that aren’t exactly the greatest.  I won’t go into detail, but it definitely derailed my self esteem and threw me on the cold hard ground.

Not only is having more friends better, having more when you’re baking, makes the experience that much better.

You’re probably groaning, like “Why is she connecting baking to friends?”

She’s applying the concepts she learned in Chef Kristie’s class

When I first made my macarons, I made them with a group of friends for my history project.  I’m not going to lie, they didn’t turn out very well.  My friends and I couldn’t control ourselves and we ate all the good ones!  With that group of friends, I learned a lot of lessons that day when it comes to making macarons:  1) Use almond flour and don’t bother to grind almonds, 2) Making macarons is time consuming, difficult, tedious, and a huge mess

I’m pretty sure if I did it myself, I would have greatly reduced the clean up we had to do.  But, if I did it with myself, I would’ve bought almond flour. And that defeats the purpose of figuring out that grinding almonds isn’t worth it.

When you’re with a group of people doing the same thing, your hearts are literally connected because you’re participating in an activity that is done in common with those around you.  Your hearts beat simultaneously.  It’s proven, according to my English teacher.

I think that baking with a group of people gives the most experienced baker to give some of her talent to her friends, but it’s also a great way to relax and just have fun!  Also, it’s an excellent way to pig out on whatever you made and get rid of some of the baked goods. I mean, I never, ever, finish a dozen cupcakes by myself. I  always have to give them away.

Thus, the lesson here today that working with your friends, or in a group, is a whole different and better experience rather than working alone.  I mean, why else would you have group projects at school?


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