RE:Framed: Anger has always been your Greatest Sin

Oh Oedipus, you unforgiving man.  You who were found with your own mother, killed your own father, and are siblings with your sons.  One who could not have accepted his fate, and instead, gouged his own viewpoint of life, plunged from the very broach of his mother.  How would this ever had happened?  Was it fate?  Or anger?

In the Greek tragic play, Antigone, by Sophocles, Oedpius is left alone with his daughter to wander the Earth blindly, living off of bare scraps of food, battling out Zeus’s thunder and storms.  Oediups exiled himself from his own country, out of guilt and shame of the crimes he has committed.  To the Theban people, this was not at all a loss.  Until, Creon gained ear of a prophecy and was brought upon the knowledge that the burial of old Oedipus would bring luck.  Now, he was a blessing.

During Creon’s infamous struggle and fight to take Oedipus back to Thebes, he claims “Anger has always been your greatest sin.”

Good call Creon, good call.

Because of Oedipus’s never ending rage and his tendency to act on impulse, he has brought himself to the fate he has had today.  He killed his father, thinking his father was a stranger.

Oedipus, a word of advice for you:  You don’t go killing someone when they don’t let you cross a road.

Oedipus also plunged his eyeballs out of his sockets.

That’s just wrong Oedipus.  What would you give to see this wonderful world again?

I feel as though the biggest regrets and mistakes in your life are the ones you could’ve controlled.  We need to keep a calm and gentle way of life in order to glide through the rough patches very smoothly.

In baking, you must keep a level head.  In anything, really.  Practice makes perfect, and 3 time’s  the charm!  If you don’t get something right the first time, try again.  It took me a year to formulate my winning chocolate cupcake recipe.

1 year.

And about 9 batches of chocolate cupcakes that were deemed “inperfect” in my opinion.  After careful experimenting and tedious research I was able to come up with something I am so proud of today.

Was there some tough times?  Oh yea.  The day before the fair, I was in a horrible mood.  Horrible.  I made the cupcakes and I almost threw them out the window.  I was about to give up.  The next day, my sister made some indecent mistakes and it causes me to be sort of late to the fair.  Was I angry?  Yes.  Very angry.  So angry, that I almost declared to my family that I was staying home.

But if I did that, I wouldn’t have won a single ribbon.

The prime source of our mistakes is within our anger. That malicious demon that feeds off your nuisances and pet peeves, it’s right there in your soul.

With baking, if you get angry, or frustrated, a beautiful cake can turn into a complete and destroyed disaster within seconds.  I know it’s hard to be happy when something doesn’t

Photocredits, "The Flirty Blog"
Photocredits, “The Flirty Blog”

come out right, but being fed up about it is going to make it way worse.  Everything you bake has it’s own special unique-ness and style.

And it’s baked for crying out loud!  Someone is bound to eat them!  (Sugar, sugar, sugar!)

See take Jonny from season 4 of Masterchef. In his last Pressure test, in a spur of anger and fustration, he slammed perfectly edible and delicious macarons into his cardboard box,  smashing the cookie and cutting his chances of advancing in the competition.  When the judges tasted any bits of the cookie they could find, they found that the cookie was in fact, a tad bit more delicious than his competitor, Lynn’s.  Therefore, if he didn’t let anger take the best of him, he could’ve easily stayed in the competition and let Lynn go home.

So moral of the story/post, no matter what you do, don’t get angry at yourself for it.  Nothing comes out perfect the first time, or the 2nd time, or the 3rd time, or maybe even the 4th time.  Just try again, and avoid letting a hot headed situation ruin your potentially wonderful baked items!


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