Cake that can be devoured in a Bite

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Cake Pops have taken the dessert industry by storm, popping up in almost all bakers, and even coffee shops such as Starbucks. They have been added to today’s list of hip and trendy desserts, such as macarons and cake pops.

Now, cake pops are simply cake on a stick.  What can be better than having a perfect bite size piece of cake that can be mobilized to go wherever you are?  I believe that cake pops have been popularized by the popular food blooger, Bakerella.  (Bakerella, I credit you for all my cake pop sucess.)

Cake Pops are ever so sucessful because of the possibilites you have when creating them.  Endless combinations of cake flavour, frosting, designs, and decorations, the list is endless!  They’re perfect treats for goodie bags during birthdays, and anytime, really.

Today’s tutorial will be on the machine method of making cake pops.  Traditionally, cake pops are created by breaking cake into crumbs and mixing it with a small amount of frosting.  Although, to be honest, I was way too lazy to make frosting and cake, so I just decided to whip out the good ‘ol machine.  I think that traditional cake pops taste better, as the machine overcooks the cake a bit.  Though, in the end, it’s still a cake pop, and it’s still sweet and wonderful no matter what method is created.

Disclaimer:  My lens got dirty, and it obsucred some of the images!

Comment below for any new recipie ideas or questions!


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