How to Attractively Style on your Cupcake’s Dress

Cupcakes without frosting might as well be a person without clothing, completely inappropriate, unappetizing, and just wrong.

There are as many ways to frost a cupcakes as there are outfit choices in the morning.

You could either create beautiful, homespun ridges  with a butter knife;

Or you could get fancy and use a shiny metal tip to elegantly pipe on oodles and swirls onto your cake.

Today, I’m going to show you guys how to create a basic, ice-cream-parlour like swirl on your cupcake.  I’ll be using a mini cupcake for this tutorial.

First, insert any tip you’d like into the bottom of your piping bag.  I’ll be using the Wilton 18 Open Start tip.  With any new piping bags, simply drop your tip in, and mark an area to snip the bag for it to open up. Fill your piping bag with your desired flavor of frosting.  Be careful not to overfill your bag!  (The frosting can be pushed to the top and spill over) About 3/4 of the way should be sufficient.

Next, twist and secure the piping bag.  You can use either a rubber, a twist tie, or you can simple twist the bag and hold it on your hand!  I hold the twisted part of the bag between my them and my index finger.  I feel like you have the most control there, and you can easily retwist and twist the bag as you move along.

L1110188 1

With even pressure, gently squeeze the bag until frosting comes out.  You can test to make sure that there are no areas by squeezing the frosting back into your bowl.  With a steady hand, begin to pipe frosting onto your cupcake.  Be careful to not press the tip into the frosting and drag as you pipe.  Simply let the frosting fall out and lightly pipe.  This is crucial if you want to get the most height on your frosting.  Ideally, when you first begin piping, depending on the type of swirl you are doing, you’d want to start on either the outer edge, or the middle.  Since we are doing an ice cream swirl, we’ll start on the outside.

L1110213 1

Continue piping in a circular motion and start to layer the frosting each time you go around.  As I mentioned above, the key to getting the most height is not pressing into the frosting and dragging it.  As you can see in the picture, the tip is above the frosting and no part of it is squishing the beautiful swirls we have created.  Pipe in a circular motion, decreasing the diameter of the circle as you get to the top.

L1110208 11

As you pipe, picture a mountain.  The larger base of the mountain is at the bottom and as you get to the peak, it things out.  The same thing goes for piping an ice cream swirl on a cupcake.  As you move closer to the top of the cupcake swirl, your circles should get smaller and smaller until you can create a cute little peak!  You can pipe however much frosting as you would like.  To end your swirl, simply stop the pressure, and lift the bag up!

L1110209 1

To finish off, you can either leave your cupcake as is, or you can top it off with some rainbow sprinkles, chocolate shaving, chocolate syrup, or even coconut flakes!  Sprinkles are my favorite topping medium.

L1110212 1

And now, your cupcake is finished!  The cupcake down below survived for about 3 seconds for me to take the picture until I ate it.

L1110217 1

I think that piping frosting onto your cupcakes gives it the best look.  Of course, your decorating methods are up to you, but to give it that bakery, fresh professional look, piping is the way to go!


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